Project activity updates

Results Area 1

  • 18 civil society organizations (CSOs) awarded grants to undertake voter education in the 10 provinces of Zambia valued at USD 783, 386 (ZMW 17.4 Million)
  • CSOs trained and deployed 3, 295 community voter education facilitators
  • CSOs Voter Education Facilitators directly reach a cumulative total of over 1.29 million people in all the 10 provinces
  • CSOs recorded and produced 138 radio spots (public service announcements (PSA) and adverts) and 412 radio programmes.
  • The project facilitated and contributed to the PLC voting for the first time in Zambia’s 56-year history. Over ninety per cent[1] (90%) of the 14, 963 registered inmates turned out to vote.

[1] Based on CSOs activity reports

Results Area 2

  • A South-to-South two-day colloquium on electoral dispute resolution held to share experiences
  • 353 Judicial Staff and legal practioners trained electoral dispute resolution mechanisms

Result Area 3

  • 250 media personnel trained on elections reporting best practice, fair and objective media coverage
  • ECZ with financial and technical support of the Project delivers 37,475 electronic voter education placements across the various media platforms.
  • iVerify Zambia Mechanism on identifying and mitigating Misinformation and Disinformation launched
  • 41 staff and partners Fact Checkers and Focal Points/Reporters for the iVerify Zambia Mechanism on identifying and mitigating Misinformation and Disinformation
  • 589 reports received through iVerify Zambia mechanisms; with 39 reports published ( )

Top: Zambian CSOs Received Over $800,000 Grants 

Middle: Zambia votes for a new president

Below: Validation Workshop iVerify 2021

 Results Area 4

  • Forty (40) ECZ national voter education trainers (NVETs) were trained to facilitate voter education content and methodology
  • 232 ECZ district voter education trainers trained to roll out
  • ECZ and UNDP co-financed the training and deployment of 3,395 voter education facilitators across the country
  • Enhanced electronic voter and civic education was provided to ECZ through a third-party media agency. Blackdot on behalf of ECZ produced[1] 32 docudramas (4 in each language), 88 posters (13 in English, 10 in each local language), 8 TV messages (1 in each language), 40 radio ads (5 in each language), 8 jingles (1 in each language), 13 TV messages by Chiefs (in all 8 languages) and 13 radio messages by Chiefs (in all 8 languages).
  • Seven (7) types of brochures, posters, and flyers (95,000 printed materials) were transcribed and formatted in sign language and large print.



Result Area 5

  • The project contributed to the drafting of the following bills: 2021 Electoral Process (Amendment) Bill, the 2021 Electoral Commission of Zambia Amendment Bill, and the 2021 Prisons Amendment Bill, 2021; and, the 2021 Campaigns in Prisons and Correctional Centers Regulations.


Results Area 6

  • 13,385 (10,312 male, 3,073 female) officers trained in elections security and deployed
  • 164 (81 male, 83 female) Community Safety (CS) officers trained in identified hotspots across the 10 provinces
  • EWERS was officially launched
  • 87 district monitors and members from several CSOs trained and deployed
  • 627 EWER reports received. Verified reports account 336 incidents reports and 75 risks reports. 55% of the reported incident were web-based; 25% were through the 8181 Toll free line and the remaining 19% through the SMS gateway.